Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a E-Newsletter/Blog and just sending an email?

Having a communication strategy is an organized and structured approach to providing information to your clients and prospects. It gives you an excellent opportunity to engage and communicate with your customers consistently. 

Sending a simple email will most likely get lost in the sea of spam. Additionally, because it is not part of an overall plan that is coordinated with your branding it will not have the same lasting impact. 

Can’t I just refer people to my website?

Yes, you can always drive people to your website but how? And is it consistent and measurable? Your clients will know what to expect when you design a communication strategy with a regular frequency.

I talk to my clients all the time. Isn’t that enough?

In addition to your day-to-day interactions, starting an ongoing program based on providing value will strengthen your existing relationships by building trust. Once you become a reliable source of information, your business will be on their minds more frequently than ever before. This creates an even greater opportunity for referrals.